The Complete Guide To Lausd’S La Café Menu: What’S New, What’S Healthy, And What’S Worth Trying?

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Introduction to the La Café Menu

Overview of LAUSD’s La Café Menu

LAUSD’s La Café Menu caters to over 700,000 students across Los Angeles, providing them with healthy lunch options every day. The menu has been a priority for the school board, and over the years, it has undergone numerous updates and changes to better serve the needs of its students.The La Café Menu features a variety of dishes that cater to different dietary needs and preferences, and it has been working to incorporate more fresh and locally sourced ingredients into its offerings. Each lunch served underscores the importance of providing students with nutritious options that can help them perform better in school and maintain good overall health. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what’s new, what’s healthy, and what’s worth trying on the La Café Menu.

Importance of healthy lunch options for students

Healthy lunch options for students have always been a top priority for the LAUSD school board. The La Café Menu reflects this commitment, and it has been updated on numerous occasions to provide students with healthy, balanced meals. In an age where childhood obesity rates are high, and many kids tend to have unhealthy eating habits, it is essential to promote healthy eating practices. The La Café Menu aims to do just that, by offering students delicious and nutritious options that can help them avoid obesity and other health issues.The La Café Menu initiative began nearly two decades ago and has since undergone numerous updates and improvements to better serve the needs of its student population. Since its inception, the aim of the La Café Menu has been clear – to provide students with healthy options to help them perform better and lead healthy lifestyles. Through partnerships with local chefs and farmers, the La Café Menu has been able to incorporate fresh, locally sourced ingredients into its offerings, making each dish served more flavorful, nutritious, and appealing.

Brief history of La Café Menu updates

Over the years, the La Café Menu has undergone several updates and improvements to better serve the student population. The menu is updated regularly to include new dishes and locally sourced ingredients, and dietary concerns are taken into account when creating new offerings. Students can now enjoy meals that cater to their dietary needs and preferences, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. It’s also important to note that the La Café Menu is also allergy-friendly, with all foods prepared and labeled according to their potential allergenicity. The menu generally aims to provide students with a wider variety of options that are both healthy and appetizing.

What’s New in the La Café Menu?

Introduction of new dishes and ingredients

The La Café Menu is constantly being improved and updated with exciting new additions. Recently, the LAUSD team has collaborated with local chefs and farmers to develop creative and healthy dishes that meet the nutritional guidelines set by the district. This collaboration brings fresh ingredients and flavors to the table while also supporting the local community. In addition to the new dishes, the team is always looking for ways to improve existing menu items and make them even healthier.Collaborating with local chefs and farmers isn’t just a way to bring fresher ingredients to students’ plates, it also provides valuable marketing opportunities for local small businesses. With the goal of providing well-balanced meals that student will enjoy, the La Café Menu is constantly evolving to create new and healthy options. Keep reading to find out what new additions can be found on the menu and what healthy options may be hiding in plain sight.

Collaboration with local chefs and farmers

Some of the newest additions to the La Café Menu include dishes that highlight international flavors such as shawarma bowls, Korean barbecue tacos, and Indian-spiced lentils. These dishes provide students with the opportunity to try new things and expand their palates while also enjoying something familiar. Incorporating new dishes is just one way that the district is working to make the menu more appealing to students while also emphasizing healthy eating habits. The team at LAUSD regularly conducts taste tests and surveys to ensure that the menu is meeting the needs and preferences of their students.

Future plans for La Cafe Menu improvements

Looking to the future, the La Café Menu team has plans to continue improving the menu, offering more vegetarian and plant-based options, and finding ways to minimize food waste. This focus on sustainability will create a more conscious approach to school lunches, ultimately benefiting the health of both students and the environment. LAUSD’s la Café Menu is a valuable resource for students and families looking for healthy, convenient meal options. With its diverse range of flavors, commitment to using fresh and local ingredients, and focus on sustainability, there’s no doubt that the La Café Menu is an important resource for the schools it serves.

Overview of healthy options available

When looking for healthy options on the La Café menu, students have a variety of choices. Whether they are searching for vegetarian or vegan options, or dishes low in carbs, calories or sodium, there are many healthy options available. For example, students can build their own salads from fresh and locally sourced produce, or grab a turkey and avocado sandwich on whole grain bread. Additionally, hummus and vegetable plates or sushi rolls can also be great options for a filling, yet healthy meal. It is important for students to seek out and choose healthy options, as good nutrition can help improve academic performance, boost focus and concentration, and can impact overall well-being.

Specific recommendations for healthy lunch options

For those looking for specific healthy options, La Café’s menu is labeled to illustrate healthy options that are low in saturated and trans fats, low in sodium, and high in nutrients. Some of the most popular healthy meal options include the chicken and vegetable stir-fry or grilled chicken pesto pasta. For vegan options, many students enjoy the roasted Brussels sprouts and winter squash salad and the quinoa veggie bowl. For those allergic to gluten, grain bowls or the cold sesame zucchini noodle salad are great options. By highlighting healthy options, LAUSD and La Café are helping to promote better health and choices for students.

What’s Worth Trying on the La Café Menu?

Overview of tasty and popular menu items

If you’re wondering what to order at La Café, you won’t go wrong with their classic chicken Caesar salad, available daily in the “Grab & Go” section. Another popular option is their veggie burger, made with all-natural ingredients and served on a whole wheat bun. For a sweet treat, don’t miss their delicious chocolate pudding, which is low in sugar but high in flavor.In addition to these items, many staff and students highly recommend La Café’s Thai peanut chicken bowl, which is both flavorful and filling. Another fan favorite is their daily soup selection, which always includes a vegetarian and meat option. Their soups are homemade and full of fresh ingredients. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try their poke bowl or sushi, which are new additions to the menu and already gaining popularity.

Specific menu item recommendations from staff and students

Overall, the La Café Menu caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences, with options that are both healthy and delicious. The staff and administration take great care in ensuring that the menu is well-rounded and meets the nutritional needs of the students while also providing a variety of menu items that the students will look forward to eating. Whenever possible, local and seasonal ingredients are used to support the community and to provide the freshest food. With such a diverse selection of options, there is something delicious for every student to enjoy.


The aim of La Café is not just to provide tasty meals for the students but to educate them and encourage them to make healthy food choices. They often hold events and workshops to teach students about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and to help them understand the importance of a well-balanced diet. Their motto “Healthy Habits for Life” emphasizes their belief that healthy eating habits can lead to a healthier and happier life. By providing healthy and delicious meals, La Café helps to support the education and overall well-being of LAUSD students.

In addition to being an excellent resource for students, La Café also serves as a model for other school districts across the country. Many schools struggle with providing healthy and appealing meal options for their students, but La Café has been successful in creating a program that works. By incorporating fresh and seasonal ingredients and working with local farmers, they are able to provide delicious and nutritious meals that students genuinely enjoy. The success of La Café is a testament to the fact that healthy eating habits can be promoted in schools and that students are often willing to try new things if they are presented in a fun and accessible way.

La Café’s commitment to providing healthy and tasty meals is evident in the quality and variety of their menu items. They offer options that are not only delicious but also packed with nutrients, setting a standard for other school districts to follow. By promoting healthy eating habits and working with the local community, La Café has become a valuable resource for students and a model for other schools across the country.

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